Geethanjali College - ADDA of GeethLITE Life!!


When you hear this name, guys think it's the name of a beautiful girl and girls just think it as a name.
When a word called college is attached to it, a complete and perfect meaning "Geethanjali College" is blossomed.

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.
You must first set yourself on fire.

"A perfect recipe is made when all the ingredients are added!"

Just like that OUR Geethanjali College is perfect with ALL In ONE Stuff.

Bunker - Topper,
Crushes - Love,
Dullness - Excitement,
Failure - Success,
Enemies - Friends ,

From Whistle's To Formal Handshakes
From First Meetings To Good Bye
From Smiles To Tears
From Excited and Anxious Heart To Heart Filled With Life Long Memories

Everything For Perfect Definition Of LIFE is learnt and read here in Geethanjali College

Welcome To ADDA Of Life & Celebrate Your Presence Here !!
Be Proud To Be An Geethlite !!

MBA 1st year

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