Review and Photo Gallery on Faculty Cricket Match 2k13

The Joy of Giving Week Celebrations (part of Annual day VIBES Celebrations) in GCET came to an end with a Faculty Cricket Match, organised by Management of GCET, Mach 2013. The match was a fund-raiser and was also meant to increase the interaction between professors.

The proceedings started at 4.30 pm. Around 69 our faculty members, some along with their students turned up to play. We had six teams of 11 players each. Our professors had a t-twenty game. These noble ideals notwithstanding, each department faculty took on its students in a 20 overs cricket match.

The teams were:
  1. Dept.of Science and Humanity
  2. Dept.of Computer Science
  3. Dept.of Information Technology
  4. Dept.of Electronics and Electrical
  5. Dept.of Electrical Communication
  6. Dept.of Pharmacy
It was, hilarious to say the least to see the professors play and both the audience (students and non-playing faculty) as well as those on the ground enjoyed to the hilt. In fact our professors played much better than we had anticipated-kudos to their fitness!
Our pitch was usually rock hard, and not very flat. This, plus the randomness of our bowlers, seemed to be adequate to provide us with home field advantage, and so that is how the games went. all teams always won at home.

At last the series is won by “Dept. Science and Humanity”. We give harm full wishes to the winners.

And the Photo Gallery is available as given in bellow link.


-Rana Pratap Chowdary

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