To My Crazy Juniors

................what i have told to my juniors..............

--> Know all your lab technicians by their name..ur prof wont help during ur lab exam
--> Don't miss any class trip or party..u wont get that again in a zillion years
--> Have friends in all departments,so that u can find girl/boy easily.. 

--> Don't miss the days of fest, the night outs the masti..those days will never come back..those unforgettable... days and memories are what your going to cherish once college ends..
--> Take as many pics as possible in college...after a few years u'll look at them and think """"what the hell were we doing?"""" or """"crazy days!""""
--> Try to celebrate every person's b'day.
--> Don't waste Ur time entirely on LOVE....engg life is much more than that...instead make friends who will last for life.."
--> TRY to Experience all New/ NEWww THINGS which are like...taking ROOMS/Pubs only on SATURDAYS,F. Showss ,S***.. vagayra vagayraaa enjoying..i tink u KNOW ALL those.. yummy yummyy.. 
--> Share Ur THOUGHTS with Ur close friends not with others ..
--> Help each & every person, when they ask u HELP for anything... so that u can increase POPULARITY,UR LOVING NATURE. too ...

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