Department Of Photography | DoPY

Aim: To organize photo walks on weekends and holidays aiming to capture and document nature, heritage, city culture, festivals and specific events of interest to photography and to develop and encourage photography and its allied activities.

The Students of Geethanjali college have grouped to form this Department of Photography for short DoPY.
The DoPY was started by Rana Pratap and Vijay this year.Soon few others joined them likely Bargav Ram, Navendhu Jha, Surya , Sravan
This Team Clicks and Shoots every EVENT happening in and around the college. The recent event was Vibgyor ' 2k14 in which this team had captured each n every moment happened in their Cameras.
They publish their clicks in their facebook pages and  the official facebook page of DoPY.
The team has recently done a Photo Walk on 13th April,2014 at Necklace Road, Hyd.
The Team has their OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE and WEBSITE which will be updated every day with their new clicks n snaps.
If your interested in Photography n you like clicking random things which catch's you eyes then DoPy welcomes you to join the team. 
Facebook Page: Click Here
Website: Click Here

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