Meet 22-year-old MBA student Rahul Krishnan "a Geethanjalite" , whos a magician by profession and whose passion for cards prompted him to attempt a Guinness Book of World Record for Highest throw of a playing card . Although it sounds weird,Rahul has gone though it and is currently awaiting the results.Its been eight years and I have been performing magic shows in the city as well as in places like Goa,Mumbai,Vijayawada,etc.I was always obsessed with magic and used to watch American magician/ illusionist,David Blaines shows.I got attracted towards it and started developing my own tricks and mastered magic with cards and coins, says Rahul,whos performed over 150 shows.
Ask him how the idea of breaking the world record with playing cards came to his mind,and Rahul,who completed his engineering from Geethanjali College of Engineering,reveals,Well,the idea came after watching a record with playing cards achieved by Rick Smith Jr of the USA,on a wildlife channel.Rick holds the record for the farthest throw of a playing card.Also,I used to play cricket in my college and was a fast bowler.So I felt,why not try my hand at throwing cards Because the only difference is that while bowling,I use my palm and while throwing a card,Ill use my fingers.And after a year of practice,I finally decided to take a chance in attempting something big. He goes on to add,The highest throw of a playing card is 42 ft 11.8 inches,which was achieved by Jordan Barker of UK in 2012.And I attempted to break the world record in front of an official notary and official surveyor (surveyor authorised by the government of AP) on Sunday.My throw successfully reached the height of 48 ft in the first attempt and 54 ft in the third attempt! Now,Ill be sending all the evidence video footage,statements of the notary and official surveyor to the Guinness officials.Theyll verify my attempt and Ill get to know the results in next two or three months.If my attempt is favourably considered,Ill be the world record holder for Highest throw of a playing card. 
Rahul feels his passion and dedicated practice of creating new magic tricks will pay off if he becomes the title holder.Most of the tricks are invented by me.And I know there are lots of magicians in India,but I always wished to do something different.And this is the first time Ive attempted something like this. 
But thats not all.Rahuls obsession with magic also helped him bag a cameo in Sekhar Kammulas Life Is Beautiful.Ive done one scene in Life Is Beautiful,for which I was asked to give tips on some magical tricks.Later,they asked me to be part of that scene,where I turned fire into diamond.Initially,my parents werent happy with what I was doing.But after seeing the response I got,they now support me.My goal is to create a record in distance throwing of a playing card and also cutting the card using one hand.Lets hope for the best, he says.

SOURCE: Times of india|08May| Page23

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