Our Geethanjali College an Inner View of Mine

Document created on 13 ‎February ‎2008,
an old document i found it recently in GCET
This Poem/Word are written for the collage magazine in 2008
though this is an Very Late update i found some interesting words in it, all these credits goes to Mrs.Mrudhula Mam and her student G. Santhosh kumar

Our Geethanjali College

It is Geethanjali our college
Where we get precious knowledge

It has become our life, a part
Which we cannot forget though we depart

The co-students are the best
They cab under go any type of test

Though we play some pranks
We always get good ranks

The lecturers are so fine
They always make us shine

People like them are really rare
Hence a nice relationship we share

We will leave this college tomorrow
With our hearts full of sorrow

The Geethanjali college life to me is like a treasure
For, never will we ever find such a pleasure
Proud to be geethanjalians

G. Santhosh kumar,
ECE-III year.

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