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Why Engineering??
Since many decades engineering has been the most preferred course of study, not only for those who desire to get into technology, but also for those who want to ensure a good career at the managerial or administrative level. Hence traditionally the cream of best students opts for engineering. The hierarchy in descending order is IIT's, BITS, NIT's, other autonomous institutions, and then the local engineering colleges. Since these colleges attract the best of talent, and grind them through four years of rigorous training that goes beyond classroom and textbook studies, they are inevitably found to be very successful in whatever they take up. For example every year, more than two-thirds of the students who get into IIM's for MBA are from the engineering stream. Many students, who clear other competitive exams such as Civil Services (IAS etc.) or Military Service, also come from an engineering background.
While engineering continues to be No. 1 in popularity, one should not be ignorant of the alternatives that are available today:

Why GEETHANJALI college?????
Next factor to keep in mind is that the college where you study matters a great deal. If you SELECT Geethanjali college , you will get the company of more studious classmates, you will have better teachers and equipment, the environment will be conducive to studies, and your exposure to various experts and guest faculty will be better.
Do not select a college only because it seems to have prestigious companies coming in for campus placement.   the college is giving you a good foundation, you should be able to compete in the open job market and get your first job on your own merit, which will not only build up your confidence, but will give a good start to your career.
Keep in mind that while many top level prestigious organizations comes colleges to recruit fresh engineers, it is in your interest to take up your first job in a smaller and less stable company, because you’re learning there is much better than in huge established set-ups.

Select GEETHANJALI College based on the following:
  • Faculties are well qualified and have remained in the college for long duration.
  • College has best infrastructure, not only good buildings and equipment they have been mandated
  • Check out on the quality and attitude of the students already studying here, talk to them and take feedback
  • Geethanjali College is accredited by NBA, New Delhi
  • Geethanjali College is top rated that NAAC and AICTE have given the college 
  • College has Transportation 30 buses moves around the city 

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